Governments have always struggled with issues of 'fairness,' especially when it comes to the products, services, and systems used to organize society. While the move towards the full or partial digitization of these products, services, and systems is meant to improve delivery and access, it has also made existing issues obvious and raised fresh concerns.

As a social impact organization the SlashRoots Foundation is concerned with the design and delivery of social services and development programs, the question we are always seeking to answer is:

"How can Jamaican and Caribbean governments ensure that the decisions and choices they make around digital development adequately address the problem(s) they seek to resolve while being inclusive and equitable to all?"

This publication allows us to explore these issues through diverse and reasoned perspectives from players on all sides to help the general public make sense of it all.

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Fairly Digital, a publication of the SlashRoots Foundation, explores poignant and topical issues around digital development to spark conversation, drive solutions and provide a space for active community participation.


Matthew McNaughton is a Principal at the SlashRoots Foundation, where he develops strategies and leads projects that focus on practical applications of digital technology, service design, and citizen participation in governance.
David Soutar is a Lecturer in the field of Digital Media and co-founder of the SlashRoots Foundation, a non-profit research and design organisation that works to address problems with digital public service delivery in the region.
SlashRoots is a social impact organization that uses the principles and practices of the digital age to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable Caribbean society.
Senior Service Designer at SlashRoots. Exploring domains, defining problems, and pursuing human-centred design to make the promise of Jamaica real for everyone.